Systems in nature, from molecules to galaxies, organize around identity. Your brand is a system, too. At its heart is an identity comprised of all the elements, from purpose to personality, that make your brand unique.

In a busy and complicated world, your brand’s identity can get lost. People forget what the brand stands for and what makes it different from any other brand. Brand stories lack authenticity. Brand perceptions don’t match reality.

Enlightened Brand helps you bring integrity to your entire brand system. Our work is designed to help you build trust every step of the way, with everyone you serve.

An Enlightened Brand is a trusted brand.

Enlightened business leaders know that the true measure of success extends beyond one bottom line. They see the connections between the health of their company’s brands and the prosperity of the world we all share.

Enlightened Brand supports business leaders in creating effective, inspired and enduring brands. Our work is designed to bring authenticity to your communications and integrity to your brand experience.

Enlightened Brand is based in Silicon Valley, a global epicenter of technology innovation. Our consultancy serves leaders in the technology industry.

Enlightened Brand creates market leaders for our connected world.

Awareness and integrity form the essence of an Enlightened Brand. Awareness of the true nature of your brand’s identity provides a platform for improving the integrity of your brand experience. Together, awareness and integrity can drive powerful brand results: financial, social and environmental.

Awareness. Integrity. Results.

Each of the five steps in the Enlightened Brand process: Listen, Intend, Guide, Harmonize, and Trust, is designed to increase brand awareness and improve brand integrity. It’s no coincidence that the acronym for this framework is LIGHT. The Enlightened Brand process illuminates a brand’s true nature and clarifies the roadmap for building a trusted and enduring brand.

Your brand speaks in many voices: visual, verbal and experiential. We listen to those voices, both inside your company and outside in the marketplace. We listen for perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and trends. We listen for opportunities. We listen to understand the true nature of your brand.

A clear intention has intrinsic organizing power to bring people together for a common purpose. We clarify the intent of the work we will do together. We look at how brand strategy will support business strategy. We prioritize opportunities and weigh risks and rewards. We establish a vision of shared success and a plan for how we will measure it.

We understand the challenges of implementing change and we’ll help you ask and answer the right questions: Who will be affected, and how will you engage them? How will you communicate, internally and externally, throughout the process? What tools will you need in your brand toolkit? We’ll steer you around pitfalls and guide you on a clear path to your destination.

You need to orchestrate a harmonious transition. We help you oversee the execution of your carefully designed plans, making sure that your actions harmonize with your intentions. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain brand integrity on your way to market-leading results.

You have put your trust in Enlightened Brand and now we assess the work that we did together. Did we stay true to the intentions that we set? Are we on track to achieve the desired results?

But trust is more than a final step in a process. Our work is designed to build trust every step of the way. We begin by helping you increase awareness of the true nature of your brand. Then we help you use that awareness to act in the interest of the people you serve. By evolving a brand that is a model of integrity, you will create an atmosphere in which trust can grow and flourish: among co-workers, teams, partners, customers, investors and communities.

The Enlightened Brand Process

RE-WEB-171Pam Van Orden is a natural systems thinker. She sees brands as complex, multidimensional, living systems, every bit as interconnected as the natural world we inhabit. This perspective is the heart of Enlightened Brand.

As company president, Pam is a trusted advisor to executives at technology organizations including Cisco, Hitachi Data Systems, McAfee and NASA, helping them to solve far-reaching brand challenges. She is highly regarded both for her deep knowledge of all things brand and her commitment to social impact.

In 2006, Pam was founding co-chair of Sustainable Brands, a global community of more than 300,000 business leaders who are dedicated to building brands that make the world a better place. In 2013, Pam was named a lifetime member of the Sustainable Brands advisory board.

Prior to founding Enlightened Brand in 1998, Pam served as manager of corporate identity for Intel Corporation and global brand strategy manager for Symantec Corporation. She is educated in design and her early career as brand designer, art director and creative director was recognized with numerous industry awards.

Pam Van Orden, Founder and President

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